LDraw Lego loader for modo

Eric Soulvie
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This is a plugin for Modo 901+ ( win and osx ).  It lets you load any LDraw data file into Modo (*.mpd, *.ldr, *.dat ) .   It also automatically creates all the materials.  The above image was rendered as it was loaded with no modification.

While both versions should load in any version of modo 901 or later.  There are some differences.

0.91b is recommended for Modo 11+.  This version loader each brick as its own item and has much simpler setup.

pre 0.9 loads all the bricks into assembles that are easier for modo to handle.

Update 0.91b :

This is a pretty complete rewrite of internals of the loader. The main feature is that each brick now comes in as an individual objects. This fully supports instancing. So for the most part saved files will be smaller and scenes will render faster in less memory. While this version will load in earlier versions of modo, I really only recommend it for Modo 11+ which contains viewports speed improvements related to instanced geometry.

Setup is now easier. You only need to set the root director for ldraw now and it will sort out the rest. ALSO, there is now a browse button to find the directory.

You can also set a directory to use unofficial parts and turn it on and off at will

The Prefs lets you enable the use of the lego studs. Also, these are new included in the plugin so you don't need to track them down.

Depending on your needs you can also disable the use of hires parts

Known Issues:

Mirrored pieces are flipped incorrectly. In practice I've only seen this with some tubing on the Gungan sub model

Not all edges being merged even though verts are.

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LDraw Lego loader for modo

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